Bebe Rexha Viral Video: Who is She? Full Incident of Accident Video

Bebe Rexha Viral Video: Recently Bebe Rexha got injured during one of her concerts and the video quickly went viral. If you Really want to know who Bebe Rexha is and what her current health condition is, you need to follow the post till the end. Here we have provided all the details about her recent car accident and viral video very clearly.

Are you fond of enjoying live music concerts and festivals? Do you have an idea that the performing singers can face serious injuries at any point of time? Recently, a famous singer named Bebe Rexha was performing in one of the concert shows in New york. While giving her singing performance, she suddenly faced a fatal accident because of which she was immediately taken to the hospital.

How Rexha Accident Occurred?

Bebe Rexha was just performing in one of the live concert shows on 18 June 2023 in New York city at pier 17. One of the audiences during a performance threw his phone on the singer which resulted in serious injury On her head. She left the location immediately while hiding her head using her hands. It can be said that someone was very unruly and was not liking the performance. This was a remark of criticism that the singers have to face often. Lots of fame also comes with plenty of insults and downturns. One should stay strong and give it back by performing better.

Later on, the viral video of Bebe Rexha showing an audience throwing a cell phone in the face of the singer broke the internet. She was in total pain after the incident and fell on her knees soon after the phone hit her head. The security quickly identified the man in the crowd and removed him from there.

Who hit Bebe Rexha During her Performance?

A 27-year-old man belonging to New Jersey threw his cell phone over the singer. He was quickly or rested and was charged with assault by the New York police. The internal investigation revealed that he intentionally threw his phone on Bebe Rexha. His name was Nicholas Malvagna. He’s unemployed in a luxury dog kennel and he came to attend the Best FN night of my life tour by Bebe Rexha. The performance was held at a rooftop at Pier 17.

How are People Reacting to this Incident?

Many followers on Instagram have expressed their regrets and reviews on the man throwing his cell phone on the singer. People are commenting and saying that the incident was a great spoiler for the entire fun show. People are also hoping for the sooner recovery of the singer after the deadly phone incident.

Bebe Rexha is a very humble singer and she soon posted that she’s doing well and feeling completely alright. Her message video clearly says that she has much courage and tolerance in life.

Bebe Rexha Wiki – Who She Is

The Famous songwriter and singer, Rexha is well known as the baby Bebe Rexha who was born in 1989, 30th August. She is famous for her song named the monster. She has even written lyrics for Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez. She is the winner of Best rap performance Grammy award in 2015. The songs named I can’t stop drinking about you and I am going to show you crazy had an amazing success.

The viral phone incident of Bebe Rexha Took place on the performance night. Till date, Bebe Rexha has traveled to six countries and has given outstanding performances every time. She is supposed to perform in the United States, Orlando, Los Angeles and many other places in 2023-2024. Nothing can stop her from progressing and doing better. She is someone who takes failures as success. It is Expected that even after these life-threatening incidents, Bebe Rexha is going to come up with more power and zeal in her. She is simply unstoppable and her more performances are awaited from her.

Final Words

Bebe Rexha was badly hit by one of her followers in a live concert in New York. She got severely injured and was quickly taken to the hospital under police custody. After the treatment was given, she did not forget to address her fans saying that she is good enough and there is nothing to worry. The famous singer and songwriter is still doing lots of performances and is expected to travel globally in 2023-2024. Her next concert is expected on 21st June live.

The person who was responsible for the assault is arrested and taken to the hospital. Her followers could easily see that the nearby area of her eyes got severely hurt and became blackish blue.

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