Brian Wells Death Video: Details about Full Incident

Brian Wells Death Video: The recent news about Brian Wells death video became viral and people want to explore more about it. The popular pizza bomber case just happened recently and you need to collect the information from this page only. The story and the truth behind the shocking incident is described over here.

The Entire United States and Japan want to know the story behind evil genius released in 2018. The bizarre and shocking story created curiosity. Here we are going to discuss the pizza bomber bank robbery case that is often referred as collar bomb heist. It’s a tragic and shocking incident in the criminal history. Let’s discuss The details on this page –

What is the Actual Case of Pizza Bomber Bank Robbery?

It was August 2003, Brian Wells just entered the bank of PNC with a metal collar. He said that he was forced to rob the bank and presented all the details to the cashier. He demanded $250,000 stating that his collar had a bomb. the employees had to comply with his demand. The bank employees quickly handed over the huge money and immediately he left the place after which police was informed.

Brian Wells bomb case in the bank was very apprehensive and created terror waves all across the United States. The law enforcement officers quickly came in action and evacuated the area. However, before anything could be done the bomb already exploded and killed Brian Wells immediately.

What was the Result of Bomb Explosion?

Just after the bomb exploded, Brian Wells died on the spot. Police found some handwritten instructions on the paper which included the details about the actions that were needed to be taken after robbing the bank. The investigation revealed that it was a complex planning which involves many professional individuals.

The story does not end here. People were anxious to know how did Brian Wells die and what investigations were to be taken ahead. He claimed to rob the bank with a metal collar creating a thread around. People said that he did had knowledge about the bomb hanging around his neck but he was not aware that it would explode.

On further police investigation, it was found that a person named Armstrong Add a planned the entire crime scene. The lady made a strong plan to hire a bomber man to obtain the money from the bank. The entire motive was to become rich in no time. It is believed that the entire crime scene had the base of greed and personal issues. Diehl was quickly arrested and she was put behind the bars for life time imprisonment. Also, she was charged for using destructive device. She died on fourth of April 2017.

It was William rothstein who was responsible for hiding all the bomb material to the lady. He also died of cancer on 30th July 2004. Charges could be put on him because he died before he could be related to the case.

Another person who was found involved in the case was Kenneth Barnett who admitted the entire plotting of the death video. He was pleaded guilty because of creating such a heinous conspiracies. He received 45 years of imprisonment and died in the jail on 20 June 2019.

Final Words

You can watch the entire case on Netflix series named evil genius. All the intricacies of Brian Wells death video or available on that online content. The most shocking incidents in America involved explosive bombers and all sorts of wicket planning. The death of Brian Wells was very shocking and unimaginable. The pizza delivery driver moved around robbing the bank with a bomb Caller.

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