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Brian Wells Death Viral Video: Here we have brought a brief detail about Brian Wells pizza bomb video that took the internet by storm. Everybody wants to know what happened to Brian Wells and who was the person responsible for the entire case? The video quickly got viral on various social media handles and people are trying to delve deeper into the information. Therefore, we decided to bring you first-hand information about Brian Wells and his death video.

Who is Brian Wells?

Born in 1956 on November 15, the pizza delivery man Brian Wells lived in Pennsylvania, United States. He was a very humble and devoted man who always served pizza on time. He was working for a pizza company for quite a long and unfortunately he just passed away recently in the mid of 2003.

Brian Wells death video went viral over the internet and it’s a clear murder. Many people just know That he is a pizza delivery guy. Somehow, the news about his whereabouts posthumously state something else. It is being said that he was in financial crunch and recently he robbed a PNC bank in Pennsylvania. He was under police surveillance. Recently, he was killed with explosive collar locked in his neck.

Latest Brian Wells News on Telegram

Many facts were uncovered soon after the death of Brian Wells. Till now, no certain arrests have been made. Somehow, the investigation still continues even after two years of his death. Many people fail to understand how someone can attack a simple pizza delivery guy. The investigations about the pizza delivery guy are quite disturbing for the general public. People just want justice for the person who died. Many people say that he was not involved in the bank robbery whereas some of them say that it was completely his plan.

 It was 28 August 2003 when Brian Wells went to deliver a pizza in the afternoon. He was spotted wrapping a collar bomb. It seemed that scavengers were just hunting for him. The police suspected him for the entire bank robbery. There was news that he died because of a sudden bomb explosion.

There was a white smoke soon after the collar bomb exploded. – said Dina McPhee. It basically looked like a gunshot and nothing very big. Many people have even refused to even comment on the incident.

Final Words

 The family of Brian Wells wants full justice and quick solution of the case. They Are stating that they want a whole proof about the murder planning and how everything took place. The family says that there is a whole group of murderers and people should know that. Investigators are now looking forward to the public acquiring some clues. In order to solve the crime, there is more research and hard work needed. The final conclusion is yet to be derived and there is nothing very reliable that is known up till now.

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