Can you See Who Reports you on Facebook?

Wondering what caused the termination of your Facebook page and removal of the account? Things Can be really frustrating in the lack of knowledge and awareness. You should understand what Facebook reporting actually is and how it works. Following some vital Facebook rules and guidelines will keep your Page safe and going seamlessly well.

A Facebook page represents your professional image and business. You may have certain images, content and videos regarding your personal work and thoughts over it. However, you also need to follow the necessary rules that are created by Facebook committee. If in case you avoid them for any reason, your page will be terminated right away. There can be many people who report you on Facebook because of immoral or unwanted content. Being the owner of the page, you would never come to know who reported you on Facebook. It is just for the sake of protecting the privacy of the users who have reported you.

Difference Between page reporting and termination

If someone reports your page, it does not necessarily mean that your content is removed. You may be notified regarding the violation of Facebook terms in your email first of all. Eventually, you should review the content yourself and make changes or delete it absolutely. Termination takes place only when there are many reports for one Facebook page having many controversial contents..

How Does Facebook’s Reporting Process Actually Work?

Facebook believes that if the content is offensive or not according to the guidelines and terms. The users who come across the page can report it instantly. Eventually, the Facebook staff is going to examine The abuse and finally remove the page without prior notice of the page owner.

What would Someone Report Your Page on Facebook?

It is only when your page content was found to be violative, people start reporting it. You may first of all receive an email that the content was reported. Eventually you may need to republish it after editing. Most of the time, the page owners are warned if just a single content on their page was found violative and offensive. However, if there were multiple content that were not up to the mark, Facebook may attempt to delete the page completely.

Facebook Reports Remain Anonymous

Facebook believes in complete user privacy and for this reason you will never be able to find out who reported you. The individual posts are deleted and you will not be told what was the specific reason for the removal. Only an email will be issued regarding the post on your address. The major role is to keep the report anonymous so that people can safely retaliate when they dislike something online.

Can I re-Enable A Deleted Facebook Page?

You can file an appeal to the Facebook authority for the disabled account. You can always keep your point of view especially if you feel that your page is unjustly targeted. There is an appeal form available in the resources section on the link that you receive in your email. The Facebook authority will consider your page once again and in exceptional cases only it would get reactivated again.

Finding out who has reported your page on Facebook is almost next to impossible. The Facebook review policy has the right to remove anything that does not abide by the community standards. Your name and personal info is never revealed under any circumstance.

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