Drew Hassenbein Car Crash: More Details About Drew Hassenbein Car Accident

Drew Hassenbein Car Crash: In this article we are discussing details about Drew Hassenbein Car Crash So that you know how the student actually died in the car crash. The whole United States was shocked with such a mishap. Some people identified the accident as a criminal activity. Here we share the detailed information about incident.

Discussing Details about Drew Hassenbein Car Accident

Drew Hassenbein car accident one was killed in a car accident recently this year. The police department and video sources claimed that it was not a usual accident that took place. Instead, it was some sort of A planning that gave birth to such a horrifying incident. Amandeep Singh was the person who drove the car in a bad way which lead to this act. He was at Long Island Expressway when this incident took place.

Instantly as police arrived after the accident and various discussions and investigations were held. 34-year-old man, Amandeep Singh was responsible for the car accident . He got instantly arrested after the activity.

More Details About Drew Hassenbein Car Accident

It was Wednesday night when some teenage boys were Commuting in their car. There were a total of four boys who were drunk and driving. Suddenly, Amandeep Singh took the car in the wrong way where it happened to hit the vehicle.

It was exactly 10:30 PM Wednesday night, 4 May 2023 on north broadway. Two teenage boys immediately died on the spot after the injury. ethan falkowitz and Drew Hassenbein lost their life in the car accident. The rest 2 were admitted in the hospital and were found in a very serious condition.

The police department further investigated the entire case and found that the students were innocent. It was all because of the rash driving that this incident took place. The two boys who died in the car accident belong to the age group of 14 and 16 respectively. The rest two who are admitted in the hospital are also teenagers are not more than 17 years of age.

The parents of the children were immediately informed after the two boys were found dead in the accident. Drew Hassenbein was a talented tennis player and he often played in varsity tennis team school. He was liked by his friends and held a good ranking in the sports.

The young tennis player has just celebrated his victory in the tennis game recently. It was just after the dinner party when all 4 friends travelled home. It was a sad incident that took place and left families shattered. Drew Hassenbein car accident car crash incident simply shows that how can merrymaking become deadly in no time.

The another vehicle which was crashed by the car carried a 49-year-old woman and a 16-year-old teenager. Police enquired and released both the travellers. The driver of the car immediately arrested and put behind the bar. The court punished Amandeep Singh and he was detained for long term without any bail.

It Goes without saying that long island tennis community Lost a gem. The tragic death of such a victorious tennis player is beyond compensation. The horrifying tragedy cannot be forgotten by his followers and fans.

Final words

Drew Hassenbein car accident incident was a tremendous loss for everybody around. He was a gem in the community of tennis players. You can even watch more details in the form of a video online. The two teenagers are still in the critical condition and are fighting between life and death.

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