Felix Hlophe Arrested: Full Details about Comedian Arrest and Charges

Felix Hlophe Arrested: The internet is recently Witnessing a lot of Traffic on the websites that provides information about Felix hlophe arrest. the famous comedian is put behind the bar and people are wanting to know why? For all the readers who could not obtain information about the person, we have got a research article to furnish you with all the details. Just keep reading the article till the end and keep scrolling till You perfectly Satisfy your curiosity

Why is Felix Hlophe Arrested?

Felix hlophe is arrested because of a kidnapping attempt at Bona Terra café. The famous comedian was charged for an attempted kidnapping along with his wife. He said that all the accusations put on him were completely baseless and he had no intention to do anything as such. His wife Tracy Smith claimed that they were along with their kids in the café. There was a nanny and her friends were also very much present in the place. The kidnapper is already identified and it is said that the domestic help is the person accused. All the information that is spreading over the social media is not true and she is the victim of an assault. The reporters are simply trying to bully the comedian and his family for no reason at all.

Felix hlophe‘s wife Smith has refused all the allegations put on them. She said that the statement posted on Instagram is baseless and social media handles have a history of bringing fake news. He was with some of the most famous people like Bonang Metheba and  Mihli Ndamase. The arrest of Felix is raising a lot of questions. He is also being investigated for murder enquiry. His statements are not found very reliable by the investigators and for this reason there is no news of his release as of now.

Wandile’s Family is accusing Felix for all the murder and kidnapping. The resident of Durban, Felix hlophe is known for its amazing performances online. He continues to rule as a prominent figure and has enough fan following till date.

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