Hamish Harding Death News: Billionaire Explorer, Wife, Wiki and Missing Titan Summary

Hamish Harding Death News: Recently, Hamish Harding lost his life after a Titan submarine went missing on Sunday morning of 18th June. There were five tourists all together in the submarine vessel including the Wealthy businessmen, a teenage son, pilot and a British businessman. The vessel just lost contact after 1 hour 45 minutes of diving into the sea. The operation went on for five days and finally it was concluded that the Titan submarine imploded because of excessive Ocean pressure.

The news of Hamish Harding  dead reddit quickly got viral. The famous and the most passionate British explorer died doing what he actually loved to do. The unfortunate incident is now receiving more attention on social media handles and news channels. People are questioning the safety of the submarine vessel and the company policy.

Who Hamish Harding is?

Hamish Harding is a three-time Guinness world record holder and a famous United Kingdom based adventurer. He is also a rich entrepreneur who has achieved various embankments of success. The chairman of an aviation firm  and a passionate explorer lost his life when Titan submarine got imploded in an unexpected catastrophe .

In various previous videos, Hamish Harding had shared his experience on exciting journeys and discoveries related to Titanic. He was very excited about Titan because it was a manned mission 2023. The last 40 years have made things all the more difficult when it comes to sea exploration. He said that titanic exploration is something that always thrills him. He went to see the remains of titanic wreck which was located somewhat 12,500 feet underwater. The ocean Gate company made The deadly titanic tourism possible with the help of Titan submarine. The company boasted all sorts of safety features which eventually seemed to fail . It was 4 AM in the Sunday morning when the submarine could no longer be located. Assuming that they just  lost control because of some communication lacking (and rest everything is otherwise okay) they launched the world’s  biggest undersea search mission. five day search operation continued and it was finally concluded that the Titan submersible had imploded the very moment they lost communication.

What Happened to Hamish Harding and How he Went Missing?

Hamish Harding was a part of Titanic tourism that included four more people apart from him. The titan Submersible on which Hamish was diving was claimed to have high-tech features. The company owner further bragged that their underwater vessel could easily dive up to 13,000 feet. Exploring the titanic wreck was full of risks And Ocean gate company much said this in their documentation. However, all the warnings seemed to be ignored by the passionate explorers. Soon after one hour of going deep underwater, Hamish Harding missing underway news started becoming viral. It is said that the expedition costed around $250000 Per person. The journey began in Newfoundland Canada.

The total of five passengers had a life support of 96 hours.Just after the submersible reached Titanic wreck, it could not bear the underwater pressure because of which it exploded. After finding out the cause behind the implosion, it was discovered that there was some lacking in the pressure chamber which resulted in the unfortunate incident.

What is a pressure chamber? The pressure chamber is said to be an element which keeps the inner part of the vessel neutral about the outer water pressure. The area near the titanic wreck is said to be the most dangerous one because of high water pressure. It Was later found that the Titan submersible imploded approximately 1600 feet deeper than the titanic wreck.

Hamish Harding Family and Wife

As of now, there is not much detail about Hamish family. We could just find that he was one of the wealthiest persons in the United Kingdom who emigrated to the United Arab states with his family. He married to Linda Harding in 1995. He had four children Breanne, Lauren, Giles and Rory. Hamish Harding had a special lure for exploration and aviation. He always participated in adventurous activities.

Known for his sheer hard work and passion in international explorations, Hamish Harding became the trustee of explorer club. He was also a major member of living legends of aviation. He once flew with Jeff Bezos to space order to experience earths curvature and weightlessness. The urge to discover something new and unknown was much present in Hamish. Unfortunately, his life journey came to an end in an unexpected catastrophic incident. Many say that OceanGates Company simply fooled people to give safe Titanic journeys.

Hamish Harding Net Worth

The major source of Hamish Harding income was international aircraft brokerage company, his own business and action aviation. The successful entrepreneurship had a great aviation career. He was a qualified pilot and had earned much during his lifetime.Is estimated that his net worth is about $1 billion. He is three-time holder of Guinness book of World record and has a private jet for circumnavigating the earth.

The news of Hamish Harding death was a big shock for his followers and fans on social media on and off-line. His death news attracted more than 1000 comments immediately from worldwide users. There were condolences for his family.

Final words

Hamish Harding lost his life after a marine vessel went missing in the Atlantic Ocean. He went with four passionate explorers who were again billionaires and very wealthy. Discovering the titanic wreck came up with a death signal for all five together.

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