How Much Does It Cost to Wrap A Car?

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Wrapping a car is one of the best steps towards keeping the car protected and taking a step towards trendy looks. There are a lot of people getting their cars wrapped. In this article, we have mentioned the average pricing of car wrapping. 

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What is Wrapping A Car?

Wrapping a car can be compared with respraying the car with paint. But the wrapping is less costly. A wrap refers to a group of various large vinyl decals adhered on the top of the printed portion of a car, truck, or any such vehicle. 

This vinyl wrap helps protect the car and its original paint but also improves the car’s look. This wrap is also made up of Vinyl and a backing that protects the adhesive side of your vehicle. The Vinyl generally arrives in the rolls or sections in a custom fit based on the part you’re ordering it for. 

What are the Different kinds of Wrap On Offer?

Generally, there are five different types of wrap on offer. We have mentioned some of them as follows:

  1. Clear Wrap – It helps in protecting the paintwork of the car.
  1. Opaque wrap – It helps change the car’s color partially or fully. 
  1. Partial Wrap – You can also order a partial wrap to cover specific portions of your car. 
  1. Textured Wrap – It allows you to have matte, gloss, and satin in metallic wraps. It comes in various colors. 
  1. Custom Wrapping – It is one of the best wrappings for advertising. 

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap A Car?

Car wrapping cost refers to labor-intensive nature processes. The wrapping price comes up for the basic wrap application. It mainly depends upon the quality of the car. For instance, Tesla is one of the easiest vehicles to wrap its smooth, flat, and simple exterior design. The basic wrapping cost to standard prices. 

However, you can also opt for various upgrades, including specialty vinyl, custom design, and wheel wrapping. It simply increases the pricing. It also depends upon the car. Thus, we have mentioned some baseline costs based on the cars. 

  • Compact Car or Coupe: It costs around $2,000 for such cars.
  • Family Sedan: It costs standard prices of around $3,000 for such cars. 
  • Compact Crossover: It costs standard prices of around $3,500 for such cars. 
  • Full-Size SUV: It costs standard prices of around $4,000 for such cars. 
  • Luxury Sports Car: The standard prices start from $5,000 and go up to $10,000 easily. 

Final Words 

Wrapping a car is one of the trendy topics among car owners these days. Its costs are based on your car and the wrapping you need. It is a little costly process. Thus, we would suggest you get one from a professional. We hope you like the guide and find the relevant information regarding car wrapping. 

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