How to Buy CumRocket Cryptocurrency?

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CumRocket cryptocurrency is related to the 18+ content. It is a complex process to buy such CumRocket Cryptocurrency. In this article, we have mentioned the 4 simple steps to purchase the CumRocket Cryptocurrency. 

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What is CumRocket (CUMMIES)?

CumRocket is a revolutionary step in the adult content industry. It utilizes blockchain technology to create a safe and fair communication environment for 18+ communication. CumRocket has even hosted a platform to chat, text, sext, own and subscribe to the creators for the CUMMIES tokens.

It comes under one of the largest projects utilizing blockchain technologies that can help you host such adult content services. Some such services are already famous, like content subscriptions and paid messaging.

This project of pushing these tokens also creates a difference between these CUMMIES tokens and other coins like shitcoins. Cumrocket has a management team of various software engineers with great experience in DeFi and crypto marketing. 

4 Simple Steps to Buy CumRocket On PancakeSwap?

Step – 1: Create Your Online Account 

Since CumRocket belongs to the Binance smart chain token, you must primarily open an account with Binance. It will allow you to purchase the native tokens BNB. You have to visit the official site of Binance to create the account. 

Binance will start by verifying your social security number, driving license, and residential address. All of your personal information will be kept private throughout the entire process. It won’t even be shown in your wallet. 

As soon as your account gets approved, you must purchase the BNB to SWAP for CUMMIES on PancakeSwap. Here, we recommend you fund your account with cryptocurrency. It will also help you onboard the cash to crypto. You can do so with the help of, Coinbase, or Gemini.b

Step – 2: Install the Trust Wallet and Metamask

Now, you will need a wallet compatible with PancakeSwap to shift your acquired BNB tokens. You can use wallets like Trust Wallet or MetaMask. Both wallets won’t ask you for your personal or sensitive information. 

When you finally own these crypto wallets, you should keep your private keys safe somewhere. Because it will be your only option to access your funds in case you lose your wallet. MetaMask is an easy way to make payments with PancakeSwap. It also works as the chrome extension that connects your wallet to the decentralized exchanges. 

Step – 3: Convert Your BNB Tokens 

MetaMask is generally connected to the main network of Ethereum. To check your wallet’s network, go to its top-right drop-down menu. You will find an option to change the “Ethereum Mainnet” to “Custom RPC.” After this step, you must refer to the following information to connect your wallet with the Binance Smart Chain. 

Network Name: Binance Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Once you get connected to the Binance smart chain, your default cryptocurrency will be BNB. After this, you can access your Binance account and shift your BNB tokens to the MetaMask wallet. It will also require your MetaMask BNB cryptocurrency address. You should also ensure you have selected the Binance Smart Chain network while sending the BNB tokens to MetaMask. 

Step – 4: Purchase the CUMMIES 

Finally, you have gone through all the required processes to SWAP your BNB on PancakeSwap for CUMMIES. Firstly, you must visit and tap on the top right corner button to connect with your wallet. Once the connection establishes, you need to go into the trade, exchange, and swap section. 

You can search for the contact address of CumRocket – (0x27Ae27110350B98d564b9A3eeD31bAeBc82d878d) in the search bar. It will allow you to purchase it. 


These are 4 simple steps to buy the CumRocket Cryptocurrency. It will allow you to buy these coins. We hope you like the guide and find it informative.

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