How to Clean Smoke Buddy?

Smoke buddy is one of the most important necessities that you should own in the current time period. It helps to protect the people around you against second hand smoke. Keeping smoke buddy clean is the first step toward a peaceful Smoking experience. Since marijuana is now legal in most of the countries, people are promptly using it for medicinal and fun purposes. Using a smoke buddy can restrict the spread of smoke around you while keeping the atmosphere clean.

 Make sure that you take care of it very well so that any unwanted spread of second hand smoke can be easily avoided. In this article we are going to talk about how to clean smoke buddy in just a few steps at home.

Step by step guide to clean smoke buddy-

Cleaning smoke buddy is pretty simple and the least time consuming task. It’s the best option to protect the people surrounding you as well as the mother earth. Hence keeping it clean should be your priority-

  • Wipe Using damp towel/paper

Using wet cloth for cleaning smoke buddy is enough. You don’t have to use special cleaning products like alcohol or sanitiser to do the needful. Damp up a cloth and remove excess water from it. Eventually, glide it inside the smoke buddy for extracting all the stuck dirt and pollutants.

You need to open the end of the unit to clean it. Most of the time it is easy to dislocate the cap. However, you can use a sharp told to remove the covering and reach out the portion.

Do not try to clean the filter because it needs to be replaced as soon as it stops functioning. You cannot expect it to work eternally.

Try to reach the end of the smoke buddy so that removing maximum dust particles is easy. If in case your finger isn’t enough, choose a sharp pointed object or a ruler for help.

  • Clean The outer surface

The outer surface of smoke body also needs to be cleaned using a wet towel. There can be certain debris lingering on the outer portion as well. Remove them to keep it germ and dust free.

  • Leave it to dry

Let the smoke buddy dissipate all the excess moisture so that it can function once again. You need to wait for a couple of minutes so that all the moisture that the equipment has trapped can goes away. Leave all the caps open until it completely dries out.

Things to remember while cleaning smoke buddy –

  • You can also use baby wipes for cleaning smoke buddy very well.
  •  Do not go for alcohol-based cleaners for any reason.
  • Never close the lid soon after cleaning smoke buddy. Wait for a couple of minutes so that whatever moisture is trap gets removed.


For how long does smoke buddy function?

You can use smoke buddy for a maximum time period of 180 days. On an average, the device provides 150 uses. It completely depends on the frequency of you are use and the way it is handled.

Available in different sizes, smoke buddy serves people according to their needs. The larger the size the more durable the product remains.

Why should I clean smoke buddy?

Wondering why you should clean your smoke buddy even when it is functioning well? Well, if you keep it away from excessive dirt and smoke, it would last longer. Moreover, you are going to find it functioning even better after each cleaning. With enhanced lifespan of The product, it is easy to reduce the cost of smoking very easily. You will not be required to replace the air filter device because of excessive clogging.

How does a smoke buddy function?

You exhale smoke in the inbuilt filter that traps all the harmful particles to dissipate odorless and harmless air outside.


smoke buddy helps you to upkeep your secrets of smoking marijuana. It cuts of the smell completely and never let anybody find out what you are smoking. The portable smoking option can be used anywhere even where there are restrictions. Protect people around you from inhaling second-hand smoke and toxins. This is truly a must have thing for every user who is strongly willing to smoke some marijuana in the middle of nowhere. Keep it clean by wiping it inside and out frequently. Purchase a new smoke buddy after 150 uses or replace the cartridge depending on what keeps you easy.

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