Is Berry Max A Scam: Details Revealed Berry Max Trading Opportunity

Is Berry Max A Scam: If you were unable to get proper details about Berry Max scam, here we have got the full update. People are commonly asking is Berry Max a scam? Find out the latest details about the development and update.

Investors from all over South Africa got inclined towds Berry Max trading platform. All of them thought that it is a global funding platform where they can multiply their hard earned money. The investment tokens could be obtained from The company retained customers by providing routine updates on telegram and showing itself as a parent company of FS global. Eventually, people discovered that berry.Im does not hold the license to provide virtual assets.

All the withdrawals on berry Max official website were ceased for a while. Hence, it’s a clear answer yes to the question is Berry Max a scam?

Providing Details about Berry Max

A public notice was launched by NBFIRA on 12th of December 2022. It showed that berry max is not a licensed company. However, Berry Max’s official website still continued to obtain investments from many customers across South Africa.

Platform was registered back on 13th June 2022 and it was about to expire on 13 June 2023. There is a high alert just one month before the expiry of the website registration. ceased with Withdrawals leading to a lot of confusion and restlessness amongst investors.

Here, Barry max easily allowed investment withdrawal in between $10 -$1000 within 24 hours. However, recently people noticed a major change in the trading platform just After they discovered the pending expiry date. Some people started creating havoc on finding out the stoppage of withdrawal. On the other hand, some of the news stated that the withdrawals were just temporarily suspended because of technical issues. One should not doubt the integrity of such a reputed platform. needed to cope up with such allegations. The situation got out of control when the problem was not resolved even after 20 days of issue. The investor sentiments were highly hurt. People started losing trust on The trading platform because of being unable to withdraw the invested funds.

It was 12th May 2023 when people got a message from Berry Max that it was being rebranded as BRY. It was a platform for the investors to get back their money. Zoom meeting invites and various news updates posted that strict measures were taken to avoid any fraud and mishaps. Berry max clarified that it was not a scam company but an authentic platform from where people can always trade. The trading platform also announced that it was about to deactivate various unauthorized trading accounts that were inactive from a long time. delivered a seamless opportunity to the investors to reactivate their account and get back their investment.

Ponzi scheme from berry max

In one of the schemes launched by Berry Max, it was stated that the investors can get up to 30% increase valuation on the investment. Many people started doubting berry max Be a scam platform, it took steps to attract new investors by launching new schemes. The company said that it was focusing on launching new schemes to attract new investors. Rebranding and new investment opportunities are waiting for the loyal investors.

Investors can easily get back their money with up to 20% -50% increased valuation. They can withdraw their money within 24 hours.

Final Words is currently inactive but that does not mean berry max is a scam platform. The company is still trying to accumulate many investments under the new BRY branding. It is providing withdrawal options to the loyal customers and everything seems like it to me to quite some extent. Berry max is not a place where people can get rich. It’s a strict platform where people should invest only after much prudence and avoid keeping the account inactive for a long time. It is advisable to withdraw the invested money within a stipulated time period.

Till date, Berry Max is not listed under NASDAQ. Hence, it can give birth to illegal activities without a doubt. The investors should be very careful before making any investments in such a company.

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