Katie Higton And Steven Harnett Murder: All Details Here

Katie Higton And Steven Harnett Murder: Netizens are wondering what happened to Stephen Harnett and Katie higton. There are news about their murder as the bodies were found dead at home on a movie date. The incident stirred the entire nation and gave goosebumps to everybody who came to know about it.

Marcus Osborne is responsible for The double murder. He is a 34-year-old man who is charged with the murder of these two individuals. It was Monday when incident took place in the residence in Dalton.

The murderer is charged for stabbing the man and woman together. He killed Katie Higton who was 27-year-old and Steven harnet who was 25 years in age. Both the victims were shot dead in their residence in Dalton.

Marcus Osborne is the murderer of those two people and he is just 34-year-old man. He is also responsible for assaulting the lady in the house. He appeared in the court room for hearing and taking up the proceedings ahead. He was wearing a light grey tracksuit on the day of hearing. He did not confirm his birth date and address before the magistrate.

On asking that he is accused with two murderers, he did not give any explanation in his defense. The court magistrate did not receive any response from the murderer.

Katie Higton and Steven Harnet Murder Case

The couple was put to death after returning home from a movie date. The couple was stabbed and killed after giving various injuries in different body parts. The 34-year-old murderer was instantly arrested on the basis of double murder suspicion. He is still in the jail. The cruelty of the murder incident simply tells that how frustrated can a person be. Not only he took away one’s life but put an end to 2 lives together. He is responsible for killing two people together.  

Katie was a mother of four children. The watchdog gave much help to the police department in resolving the case and finding out the proceedings.

Marcus Osborne Put Behind the Bars for Double Murder

Marcus is just 34-year-old as of now. He is accused for assaulting the lady in her residence and killing her brutally. The court hearing Found him guilty. He was imprisoned for his deed and is suspected to have some mental problem.

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