Lindsay Joseph Lucid Tattoos: A Famous Tattoo Artist Becomes Ill- Famed in the Latest Discourse

Lindsay Joseph Lucid Tattoos: Recent shocking controversy on TikTok received a lot of unwanted attention. Numerous women are opening up about their unnerving experiences involving a tattoo artist who has grown well-known on the platform. The allegations claim that the artist has been accused of unethical behavior concerning expensive concept designs. The artist allegedly demands outrageous prices for these supposedly copied creations while tracing former drawings. The revelations have sparked debate and theories on social media, which has escalated the controversy around this specific tattoo artist.

A tattoo artist, Lindsay joseph has been accused of demanding hefty amount of money in the pretext of creating a tattoo.Courtney Monteith, an distressed user of tiktok who shared her views about her  tête-à-tête with the tattoo artist. The Tattoo artist allegedly duped her a large amount of money just to create a design given by the user. Initially, Courtney did not used a name o the tattoo artist but it was supposedly an famous establishment with the name of Lucid Tattoo and her artist was Lindsay Joseph.

The video uploaded by Courtney, has recieved 400,000 likes and million of views on her desire to get a tattoo by an artist whom she followed. She was on talks to create a tattoo of a “Fox with Flowers”.

The artist has multiple packages created for the user as the first package fees is $1500 + tax for a single sketch, with slight change, secondly, $3500 + tax for which you get two concept designs and change in final sketch also and lastly $6000 for several concept designs and replacement in final design. After seeing these exorbitant prices, the user went for the first option and in total she disbursed a whopping $2260 which cover non refundable amount. These charges are not including $180 consultation fees.

Courtney was not appeased by the designs, and went for the discussion on what she have asked for on which the artist accused her only that she was not clear of the design she wanted. The artist only shared the the concept of Fox face with flowers, whereas courtney wished for a full fox.

The dissension increased when the design shared by artist was sham and it artist just shared the duplicate of it.

After courtney shared her views, many countless users came forward raising the issue of charging hefty amounts and dispensed thier stories. Another user, Ri Mccue(@rirality) was given an invoice of around $6000 for a tattoo coverup which is humungous amount. She was asked for a massive $4000, which she denied after which they called police and legally she was obligated to pay. He license was circulated among tattoo artist community and she was left ostracized.

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To help Courtney, Matt Waught, an award – winning artist came forward to help courtney and was prepared to tattoo her for no charges, as she already got scammed for a big amount. Also, as a mother of three children and the video was posted on Mother’s Day, Matt will be doing this for free. Courney denied for the offer and wished to pay the amount to the Fox rescue donations.

Matt also commented on the tattoo artists, they charge such a large amount for the a design which takes only minutes to draw. It doesn’t help it all and serves to increase public mistrust over tattoo artists.

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