PlayStation 4 Repairing Cost: What You Need to Know

The lovable PS4 console is a pristine source of entertainment in today’s time. And that is why, any malfunctioning in it brings a lot of stress to us. Most of the time these issues can be resorted with simple troubleshooting steps and repairs performed. want to know how to fix PS4? In this article we are going to tell you what would be the repairing cost of PlayStation 4 and how things can go on well.

Factors determining the cost of PlayStation 4 repairing –

If your PlayStation has undergone a trouble, the total cost of repairing and fixing it depends on a Number of factors. Generally, the cost of fixing depends on what problem does your gaming console has. On an average, the repairing charges for PlayStation four can range from $50 – $100. If the problem is very severe, you will even have to spend $200 or more.

  • Hardware issue

Play station may be malfunctioning because it might have a faulty hardware that needs to be replaced instead of getting fixed. In order to make your PlayStation work well once again, it’s better to buy a brand-new hardware right away.

  • Faulty wires

Sometimes there can be some wires creating a lot of trouble. A better idea would be to fix up the wires by purchasing new ones or to use alternate slots.

How to Reduce PS4 repairing cost?

You should always consider a couple of factors before making up your mind to spend money fixing the gaming console. Remember that if the repair fee is more than the new set, there is no point of Getting the console fixed. Here are a couple of factors that can let you know the cost of getting PlayStation fixed –

  • Warranty included

In case your PS4 is under warranty, the company is bound to repair and fix the console. However, there should be no outer defect on the gaming console. The warranty relates to internal defects only.

  • Repair shop fee

Most of the time, repair shops happen to charge $99 as the base fee irrespective of the extent of damage. The cost of repairing is completely additional variable.

  • Extra fee

Make sure that you compare the repairing cost from more than one place. If you don’t want to end up paying extra for PlayStation repair, ready to replace it.

  • Shipping charges

You may be expected to leave your PS4 to a repair shop where they will send it to another place for repairing. This may end up increasing the cost of PlayStation repair by adding shipping charges as well.

Try to troubleshoot the console yourself before handling it to a full-fledged shop. It is never inexpensive to get PS4 repaired.

How to fix PS4 at home?

You can perform a couple of steps to resolve ps4 issues at home. Try to repair your gaming console yourself by taking the below mentioned steps-

  • Switch off your console and remove all the attached cables
  • Try alternate cables to see if the problem is fixed
  • Check out HDMI ports and try to blow some air in the socket.  You use a hair dryer to blow some air
  • Run a firmware update
  • Check out the power supply

If you cannot repair your PS4 at home by taking the above mentioned steps, it’s better to send it to a proper repair centre to get it fixed.

How much does the PS4 authorized center charge for troubleshooting?

It is always a good idea to get your PS4 repaired from an authorised service centre. On an average, you are going to bear at least $ 200 -$300 for repair. If You’re lucky enough and you are gaming console is under warranty, it becomes avoidable to ber any charges.

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