PlayStation Controller Viberation Test Check the Full Guide Here

Many game pads support vibration as mentioned on the packet. However, it is important to check whether they actually have this feature or not. After connecting gamepad with computer, you should find the vibration working very well. To get an assured answer whether your gaming controller supports vibration or not, we have got a dedicated article on this page.

What is vibration controller all about?

The vibration testing system amplifies the shaking during the gameplay. It literally works as a response from the gaming and which makes you enjoy the session even more. Some of the games support vibrations on PC whereas others do not use this feature at all. Enabling vibration on PC and how to check gamepad support vibration requires certain steps to be followed.

How to execute controller vibration test on Windows 7?

The gaming controller comes embedded with a motor that is helpful in inducing vibrations. Some of the controllers do not have this feature and you need to check this by following the mentioned steps minus

  • Get connected with the computer as a first step towards checking the vibration
  • The start menu has search option-type minus set up USB game controllers
  • You will find a pop-up window where there is going to be USB vibration joystick
  • Eventually, you can find the vibration test functioning if it is actually there in the controller

How to enable vibration in my gaming controller?

Not every gaming controller comes with vibration support feature. Only if you have the recent gaming model, there is a high possibility that it would have vibration feedback support. Somehow, you can check out for the available feature by taking the below mentioned steps-

  • Move towards the setting option and check control optuon
  • Find vibration option
  • If it is absent, your device does not support vibration

Check out the vibration strength and set it up at a certain percentage. Most of the time, choosing to put the vibrations strength at 60 is enough. However, if you want more vibration, increase the strength up to 80% and see how convenient is it to use the gaming pad.

Move around The analog stick and that will let you know the precision of the vibration. You will be able to feel the vibration taking place in your palm as you move towards left and right. On pressing your palm over the analog stick, the vibration will be even higher. However, if you find that there is no vibration the controller at all, there is definitely going to be some sort of defect in the motor circuit within.

Vibration in controller not working minus fixed

People often face issues with vibration in controller. Not always there exists an issue in the software. Sometimes, there can be a problem with the driver as well.

  • Resolving driver issues
  1. First step remains towards installing the current driver software
  2. Now download the latest driver update from the official website
  3. Check out gamepad once again for vibration test
  4. Calibrate under settings tab
  • Faulty hardware

This can be one more reason why your vibration is not working. Contact The support channel for resolving warranty

  • Improper USB port

Try to use alternative USB port for vibration feedback. Sometimes, using USB port also ends up giving trouble in using vibrations.

  • No motor

Check out the model number of your controller to confirm whether it has vibration motor or not.

Final words

Most of the time, there is a requirement of an updated driver in the PC to support vibration. Install it and every thing will perfectly happen. Additionally, you can go for online marketplaces that avail controllers that support vibration Thoroughly.

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