Popularmmos Arrested Again? But Why Check the Full Information

The famous youtuber Popularmmos gets arrested again? We have brought every possible detail about the famous person and the legal incident. Stay tuned and keep reading the news ahead.

Popularmmos is a famous 30-year-old American YouTuber who creates videos based on Minecraft and gaming. In reality, he is known by Patrick Thomas Julianelle. With a whooping 17 million subscribers, Popularmmos channel is quite famous. Even his ex-wife is now gaining a lot of popularity over the social media video platform.

Why is Popularmmos arrested again?

Recently Popularmmos arrested again one because of a pitch invasion act. Michael Richmond, Patrick Julian and Ethan Davis created a stunt on the field. All three were presented in the court room and were arrested for such a stupid act.

 Patrick and Michael were the one to film the entire scene. They were identified to be involved in criminal conspiracies and found evading peace.

Ethan made the run and was identified to be a part of the entire criminal mischief. All three are facing serious charges and are arrested. According to one of the reports, the game was just in the progress when they faced an intrusion. It was running on to the field with the football and was constantly causing a chaos. It was because of Popularmmos that the game was delayed by around about two minutes.

The mobile phones of the YouTubers were also seized and a serious court case was filed against them. The global staff of asm took incharge of filing a complaint.

Why was Popularmmos arrested arrested earlier?

Earlier also, Popularmmos was arrested twice. It’s not the first time that Popularmmos is arrested. Last year he was arrested for domestic battery accusation. He was sent to jail on approximately May 16, 2021 on 11:15 PM.

Pat and his girlfriend told different stories to the police and both of them were detained. He took the help of social media handles to address his fans and tell them more about the incident. He subjected all the acquisitions as fake ones and asked his followers not to believe any rumors. He also threw a pun on his ex-girlfriend thanking her for all the embarrassment she brought in his life. He added that she is a terrible person and he was very thankful for her to leak his address and personal details.

Eventually, Pat was released after he signed a bond of $2503. He was listed out of custody on May 19, 2021.

The problems for Popularmmos did not end here. The YouTuber had to face more trouble in his life because of his so-called beloved girlfriend. It was May 18 when his girlfriend Jen stated that he abuses women . Eventually, she said that it was all accidental whatever she stated and Pat had nothing to do with her since the last 10 years.

It was 2022, 20th June when he was arrested again for a deadly assault using a weapon. The famous YouTuber has many video blogs related to online gaming. There are detailed videos of Roblox , Fortnite, Minecraft and other famous online games. He keeps sharing hacks to crack the code and win the games easily. Many people follow Popularmmos and therefore it is quite natural for them to stay anxious regarding his whereabouts.

The famous YouTuber has even received various awards for his hacks and videos. He is best known for Minecraft challenges. The humorous commentary and the overall video content induced many people to subscribe to his channel.

Popularmmos personal life

Pat lives in Connecticut and he owns a famous cat named cloud. Recently he introduced his viewers with his current girlfriend Elizabeth liz after his Split with the previous women. He posed beautifully with his new girlfriend and got many likes for his choice.

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