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There remains no complexity in adding more sprint users in your existing account. There are just a couple of pieces of information that you need to have. The Sprint store requires a specific permissions and that would give authorized access to the added user. Just save the made changes and that is a step forward towards adding a legitimate print user.

In order to add authorized users to your current spring account, all you need is to have a person available online with you. Just select the number you want to upgrade and input details and the required fields. Eventually, you may be asked to select whether the person is an individual or a family member. Click the continue option and instantly that person will be added to your account.

How to add more authorized sprint users online?

You can easily add more people to your Sprint account by simply entering the required credentials in the existing Sprint account. We have discussed the steps further below-

  • Reach out to your existing Sprint account by entering username and the password respectively
  • Now you can select the my sprint option in the profile section
  • Provide your entire name to the Sprint account
  • This will help you to shop as much as you want in the sprint store
  • You will receive a consent message from where you need to select agree for adding an authorized user
  • Provide the person’s name as the authorized user
  • Delegate privileges after you decide whether the added person can Add more authorized users or not.
  • Now you can take the final step by accepting the special terms and conditions from Sprint

Remember important details

  • The new authorized users don’t need to know your credentials for using sprint
  • Every user should be 18 years of age at least
  • You always Have a complete control upon the delegated authorized user. Changing the advantages of the added user is always in your hand.

Adding a new phone Number or a device is not difficult to add at all. Just navigate to my account page and there you will find an option to add a new phone number in your existing account.

Refer to live tech support

Sprint ties up with real people across the US to provide high-tech support to the users 24/7. You can acquire such an advantage with a payment of just $1per week membership. Chatting with experts will let you know everything about the Sprint account with added details.

Final words

You can even watch online video tutorials if you are planning to add more authorized users in your Sprint account. This allows people to make purchases from the Sprint store. However, this also comes with a couple of limits which remains useful for the main user. Nobody can swipe up the Sim or do something mysterious while delegating shopping to other authorized users. Making just a few changes provide authority to more people to use the same Sprint account for which one person has paid a full amount .

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