Square Root on iPhone

The square root of a number is one of the most complicated mathematical problems that you need to solve. Thanks to the calculators for making our work easy. As long as you have an iPhone, calculating square root on it is never going to give you problems. Yes, you read it right. Calculating square root on iPhone is not difficult as long as you know the correct method.

How to Calculate Square root on iPhone?

Do you find those Advance calculation options missing on your iPhone? Well, you need to know that the iPhone does have those advanced calculation options hidden somewhere. Unlock them and you will get square root, log and all possible calculations right there on your fingertips. You don’t need to apply any equation to solve the expression. Just a simple press of a square root option and that’s going to give you the correct answer.

Using the basic calculator of an iPhone definitely requires no special knowledge as such. Somehow,  iphone users cannot find the advanced calculation options so easily.

Wondering where the square root option is in the iPhone? Forget about the square root, you can even find the log and theta in the given calculator options in iPhone. It’s a no-brainer fact that the iPhone stands superior in every single performance it executes. Similarly, when it comes to calculating complex expressions, the iPhone calculator has the best options for you. You can easily calculate the difficult expressions on the scientific calculator that gets instantly activated.

How to Activate a scientific calculator on an iPhone?

Are you tired of finding scientific calculator options in your iPhone? Are you doubting whether there is any scientific calculator in the iPhone or not? Here we give you the steps to let you solve the most tedious mathematical problem in a blink of an eye –

  • Unlock the portrait option in your iPhone by swiping up in the home screen. You will get a lock option on the pop up screen .
  • Press lock image so that you can unlock the portrait.
  • Now reach out to the Calculator section and keep your iPhone horizontal
  • Instantly you will find all the scientific functions such as sign, cos, tan, square root and under root very much there.

More tips and facts about iPhone calculator

an iPhone calculator is one of the most magical things that you can have in your hand. The embedded feature not only lets you perform calculations but also keep a record of all the previous calculations done.

How Can i solve the square root problem in iphone?( Alternate method)

You Can even ask Siri to find the square root of a Number. Besides that, asking Siri about percentages and totals is also going to let you have the correct answer.

Final words

Now you know how to calculate square root on an iPhone, right? Tell this magical feature to your friends so that they can also make the optimal use of the gadget. Performing complex calculations such as logarithms, fraction , square root and under root using the iPhone scientific calculator gives the best feeling ever. You are never going to get a wrong answer On an iPhone scientific Calculator.

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