Steakhouse Longhorn Scam: All Details Revealed

In this article we have brought exclusive details about the steakhouse longhorn scam that went viral recently.

The famous restaurant chain – SteakHouse Longhorn has been existing ever since 2007. It belongs to Darden restaurants and has various subsidiaries in the United States. The restaurant chain serves different areas of the country. Till date, the restaurant is spread in Puerto Rico and Guam with a full fledged business. There are a total of 559 restaurants having a large customer base. Every year, SteakHouse Longhorn creates a new benchmark of success. The owner Rick cardenas gave a new life to the restaurant chain with his unbeatable ideas and perseverance. However, recently the news about the SteakHouse Longhorn scam circulated all over social media. Let us know how far is it correct and what are the details related to it.

SteakHouse Longhorn Scam Details Unleashed

There was certain news about the restaurant chain available on the social media page. The news said that SteakHouse Longhorn has got a new CEO whose name is Todd. There are offers of free meals and cashback in certain areas of the United States. However, you need to forward the message to a certain number of people within 72 hours to activate the deal. The ad message was indeed shared more than 50K times. The target of reaching 30 people to redeem the cashback and free meal made people go crazy. Within just a few hours, but then got more than 10,000 customers and it got 4.5 ratings as well.

Its Not the first time when a company is choosing unfair means to advertise its content. Even earlier, there have been incidences of companies giving bogus keepstakes in exchange of making their brand viral. Alas, it always remains the customer who gets defeated. The company wins but the customer loses their time and effort.

Reality of SteakHouse Longhorn Advertisement

SteakHouse Longhorn advertisement is a complete scam and it is announced that nobody can redeem free goods on forwarding the message to more than 30 people. The brand says that the source of message forwarding cannot be tracked. It is difficult to know the impact of the forwarded message and for this reason it is not possible to get free means and rewards in exchange of the available coupon. Many people were disappointed on this idea of advertisement. They even lost their trust on the restaurant brand leads to which there was a whole lot of debate held on social media channels.

It is said that SteakHouse Longhorn is not directly involved in creating such a content for advertisement. The president CEO and the main management staff has nothing to do with such an idea of advertisement. It’s just randomly that the message got viral and people started reposting it for the sake of females and rewards. The higher expectations of the customers resulted in negative publicity stunts. The restaurant chain did become more famous through this but it definitely had several dislikes on the social media pages.

Details about SteakHouse Longhorn Restaurant

Known for its tasty delicacies, SteakHouse Longhorn is world-famous for French fries, shrimp, lobster salad and chicken products. People love to dine in the restaurant with their whole family. They have signature seasoning which include filet mignon, rib steak, chicken ribs and much more. Wine and beer facility is also available for the visitors.

 SteakHouse Longhorn offering free meals was a complete scam and it was definitely very tempting. The advertisement quickly got viral and people from all over Texas and western United States came up to redeem their coupon. However, all of them had to go empty-handed because the chain of restaurants had no association with such an advertisement propaganda. The beautiful constructions of the restaurant furtger tempt people to come to it and eat here.

Final Words

The CEO and the President of SteakHouse Longhorn did not provide any clarifications for the fake message that went viral. Facebook users reported the advertisement as a complete scam and a way to increase publicity. Hence, it is clear that one should not start trusting any fake news that circulates. You should first confirm and then take a step towards sharing and accomplishing something related to it. Official Website.

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