Titan Implosion- Where are Passengers Now?

The human urge to explore the unknown can be very fatal sometimes. The destiny of those five explorers who were keen to discover the titanic wrecks had a different story to tell. Not all the explorations come to a positive conclusion. It was June 18th when four passengers along with the CEO of ocean gate company went onboard to discover the debris of the Titanic ship which is supposed to be 12,500 feet deep underwater. Oceangate claims that Titan is the most capable submersible meant for that. The company gives once-in-a-lifetime experience in exchange of 25,000 million dollars for every expedition. The company owner further adds that the submersible has the best safety features and it’s the safest vessel to dive deep underwater.

What is Oceangate Titan all About?

Titan is supposed to be the Best submersible vessels available to discover the titanic wrecks and underwater World. It comes with four seater capacity apart from the pilot seat. The eight hour journey takes within the deep ocean beds and gives a glimpse of the existing marine life. It has a small window which allows the viewers to have a look of marine life outside. Besides everything else, there is a small toilet which is supposed to be never used till date. The oxygen supply given in the ocean gate Titan submarine is what helps the explorers keep breathing underwater.

What Happened to the Titan Submarine?

It is believed that four billionaire businessmen who supposedly went to discover the titan wreck lost their lives because of a catastrophic implosion. The submersible imploded because of excessive carbon dioxide content within.

Titan lost connection just after 1.5 hours of diving. It is said that there was because of some technical fault because of which the incident took place.

World’s biggest rescue operation undersea was launched soon after Titan submersible went missing. It was finally with the help of a French robot that they could locate the Titan debris deep underwater. Victor 6000 was able to locate the remnants of the titan Through a mechanized arm. The ultra technical rescue operation employed the world’s best search techniques and methods. Even when there was little hope to find out where the Tian actually went, this French robot was able to bring the legitimate news about the lost vessel.

Why did Billionaires go to Watch Titanic?

It was 1912 when titanic incident took place leading to more than 1500 deaths. Till 1985, nobody could find any details about the lost ship. However, later on two explorers found the titanic debris underwater and stated that the remnants are lying in two huge pieces. Bringing the wrecks of titan up to the surface is next to impossible because of the existing low temperature. Other than that, the excessive weight of the wreck would make it impossible to fetch. Surviving in -2°C underwater in such an adverse situation is another biggest challenge. Therefore, only a couple of footage of the underwater Titanic wreck can be seen. It is also said that the bacterial fungi in the ocean water is rapidly consuming titanic debris leading to its fast dissolution. By the end of 2050, the ship remnants will be no longer available. They will completely vanish and dissolve in the ocean water. Therefore, it is quite thrilling for the today generation explorers to see what nobody has.

 A similar urge existed in The explorers who went to take a glimpse of titanic wreck underWater. People with previous experiences clearly stated that such missions are never hundred percent safe and are free of risks. However, Ocean gate YouTube videos have a different story to paint. They claim their vessel to be the best one and the safest to give a complete underwater view. The sudden death of four explorers now clarify what the real scenario is.

Who all Died in the Recent Titan Submarine Implosion?

The men onboard were –

  • 61-year-old CEO of Ocean Gate company who was the main person controlling the vehicle
  • British Pakistani businessman Suleiman Dawood and his father Shahzada Dawood -19 and 48 years old respectively
  • Paul Henri nargeolet-77-year-old former French Navy diver
  • 58-year-old British businessman hamish Harding and explorer

It is believed that Suleman Dawood, the son of Shahzada Dawood was initially reluctant to go for the dive. However, for the sake of his father‘s happiness he agreed. He was very scared before the onset of the trip.

Both Paul Henri and Harmish Harding were amazing people with lots of zeal and life in them. Both of them were very passionate about discovering the underwater world and different aspects of life.

The families of all four explorers are shattered and are living in disbelief. Nobody could have expected this implosion and catastrophic failure.

All the four explorers including the pilots are supposedly dead. Even when they have found Titan debris, the hunt for the Explorers continues . However, there is little hope for them to be alive.

Titan Submersible News- What Actually Happened to the Submarine?

It is still unclear what actually resulted in the implosion of the vessel. However, one thing is for sure that there was some or the other lacking from the end of the officials. Ocean gate gave condolences to the families of the deceased. The company is playing smart in every aspect. First of all, it charged a heavy amount of money for the name of deep ocean exploration. Secondly , the amount remains non-refundable in case the dive gets canceled or hampered in the middle of something. The previous explorers have stated that they had a narrow escape because the diver intelligently canceled the dive after the diver sended a technical backdrop. Luckily, it was just a sum of $250,000 that was lost!

The ocean gate company also makes the divers sign a bond regarding their own safety parameters. Every person who participates in titanic tourism is held responsible for their own decision. The company has nothing to do with any accidents that take place.

Were they Alive till Wednesday?

During the initial days of the week, the Canadian aircraft is claiming to detect certain underwater sound with the help of sonar. However, on testing the suspected area, there was nothing found which created more disturbance.

More investigations and research are taking place. Titanic tourism is a dangerous thing to do. By now lots of people would have realized this Fact.

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