Where Is Anne Diamond Now: Get the All Details Here

Where Is Anne Diamond Now: Anne Diamond, the news reporter has been nowhere to be found. She has been the host of GB News in the morning breakfast show. She has been conferring the news with her co-star Stephen Dixon. She was the correspondent for many news channels and flagships programs  like Good Morning Britain for TV-am, Good Morning with Anne and Nick for BBC One, etc.

Know where is the News Journalist currently and what details are present of her nowadays, and also what his peers say about her.

Knowing Anne Diamond

Anne Margeret Diamond was born on the year 1954 on September 8 in Birmingham, UK.

She was raised in Malvern attending Worcester School for Girls. Her career as a newswoman began with Bridgwater Mercury.

Her role as a TV news anchor began with BBC One in the town of Bristol city, moving further to ATV today. After switching to one or another news channel she rejoined BBC as a night news reporter in the program Nationwide.

In 1983, she moved to TV-am, as a substitution for some other presenters who were removed and she started presenting news with Nick Owen, which she continued till 1990.

She also participated in other important news shows comprising many celebrities and was also part of the 2002 Celebrity Big Brother

Her career is studded with many salient events in her career of 40+ years inclusive of “Loose Woman”, “Wright Stuff”, “Costa Del Celebrity”, and radio shows also.

Campaigns and Honours

Anne Diamond, the mother of four children, lost her 2nd son to Cot’s death or SIDS disease, after which she initiated the “Back to Sleep” drive which lead parents to make sure the babies rest on their backs.

This drive of Anne’s was so famous that it lead to total death in Britain from 2000 to 300 only annually.

She was accorded with the Gold Medal of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, for her help in SIDS disease. It was the foremost medal provided to a non-medic personality.

Anne Diamond was decorated with Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for the assistance of her philanthropic nature and Public health.

Anne Diamond, while receiving the OBE award dedicated it to the public, who helped her in achieving and breaking new ground for the development of awareness.

She has been an active participant in the research for the study on the deaths of infants and the Health department.

Where Abouts of Anne Diamond

Anne Diamond has a successful career in Journalism, Push for Child health initiatives, and a magnificent career in the UK and internationally.

She joined the GB news channel in 2022 as a morning show presenter along with Stephen Dixon. Anne started hosting a weekend breakfast show with the presenter.

It is unclear about her current status, she has been not forthcoming on show. Her colleague, Stephen Dixon has been telling that she must be a Type One Diabetic patient, which must have left her worn out. Diabetes disease has been an early comer in life and requires daily use of insulin dosage and assessing blood glucose.

Anne Diamond is not sure about quitting Journalism. There is no such information for her being ill but there are multiple sources of information on social sites.

As per the sources, she is not on time off, based on her long career.

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