Who Is Antonio De Ulloa Hilda Maria’s Husband?

Every parent want their daughter to get married in a good family. Even when they are celebrities and famous personalities, the families do remain concerned about their future severely. Not only the loved ones but the entire nation remains concerned about the marriage of famous personalities. Sometimes, people go out of the league to perform marriages which remains inacceptable by the whole society. In today’s world, many people don’t even recognize married life and start living together without tying the knot. Recently Maria Bacardi’s daughter is known to tie a knot with a young boy which is becoming a matter of topic in the town. This article we are going to tell you all the details so that your curiosity can be ended.

Who is Hilda Maria‘s Husband?

People are quite interested to know who is Hilda Maria’s husband. Her daughter has recently got married to Joey Depriest in a beautiful forest wedding. People are quite interested to know who took away the heart of Hilda Maria Bacardi’s daughter. Maria is an international business woman and a well-known entrepreneur. She hails from Bacardi rum spirits that is a five generation old Business.

Hilda Maria Family and Net Worth

Hilda Maria hails from a rich family and her daughter recently got married. Both Hilda Maria and her daughter made headlines in the weddings. She donated a lot of money to various organisations in the United States and other countries together. She is a well educated woman who supports health initiatives in her native land. She has always been an active part of Cuban American Association where she performs various important tasks.

Hilda Maria Bacardi‘s husband magnate Antonio De ulloa is a successful personality. Both of them got married in 2001 and are still living together as a happy family. According to various reports, Hilda Marega Bacardi holds a position of CON Noga finanzas firm. Her husband is also a philanthropist who donates quite a good amount to various non-profit organization.

Antonio and Maria have three children together. They love spending time with their eight grandkids family and closed ones. They often organize cultural events, concerts and art shows. Her daughter Erica Vazquez Bacardi got married to a famous football player Joey depriest in an extravagant wedding. It was an entire Three day celebration that was held in Disney World Orlando Florida.

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