Yagmur Ozden Accident: Yagmur Ozden Car Crash Details Here

Yagmur Ozden Accident: Recently the Yagmur ozden accident news became famous. Authorities discovered that her Range Rover crashed at a high speed. The estimated speed range Rover was above 110MPH. The motorist had no control left over the vehicle which resulted in Extreme accident.

The motorist is imprisoned because of riding the vehicle improperly and hitting the beautician. He was imposed with certain charges because of killing the beautician. The rider lost control, he had hit a black coloured range rover SVR valuing one £80,000. The high speed of the motor vehicle was the main reason behind the car accident and death of the beautician.

The incident just took place at Park Royal tube station. The name of the motorist is kazem and she lives in Greenford, West London. She was found guilty because of his rash driving technique and savior has done too many people. Judge Martin Edmunds Casey gave him 7.5 years of total imprisonment.

It was August 2022 when two women were going for a night out. The Yagmur ozden accident Quickly made viral headlines and people are now realizing the importance of driving safely. It was all because of the rash driving of the driver that this incident took place. It simply shows that how careless can one be.

Driver rida kazem was not more than 24 years old. She tried to escape after the incident took place and was caught red handed by the supreme authorities. The horrific incident resulted in the death of Bhatt and one who was just a 33-year-old beautician. She was found inmediately dead after she met with an accident. The collision was so hard that it remained difficult for her send the car to survive.

How did Yagmur Ozden Die?

Yagmur ozden died because of a car accident that was very severe in nature. She flew out of the automobile because of the hard collision. She had multiple injuries and her face was almost unrecognisable when the police reached the place. It was with the help of her fingertips that the police could identify her.

Ms ozden Family cried out loud after learning about the death of their daughter. It was Wednesday when this incident took place. The passenger who was sitting next to her was just 26 years old. She also suffered from severe fractures and wounds in the body.

According to miss ozdens sister in law, she was the gem of the family. This horrific incident was completely heartbreaking for her whole family. The authorities have arrested Rida kazem for rash driving And taking the motorcycle to a high speed. She is put behind the bars and is given with 12 year driving prohibition.

It Appeared that rida had no regrets for her imprisonment. She was completely fine for killing and injuring people around. The catastrophic incidents created a deep impact in the minds of people nearby. Rida was found guilty and she is imposed with heavy charges of causing death to several people. She was wearing a white T-shirt and dark coloured track pant suit during the time of incident. The reports have clearly shown that the having speed of the motor was very high which became the major cause of deaths and injuries around.

One of the crash survivor said that after the accident, her life completely changed and she used to stay in trauma all the time. Both mentally and physically, there have been a lot of scars in her life.

Final Words

It seems that Rida has no regrets about her deeds. If given a chance, she would again do rash driving and put an end to many lives.

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