Flávia Big Big Cause of Death: Check What Happened With Flávia Big Big

Flávia Big Big Cause of Death: Flávia Big Big, an influencer who became famous from Tiktok during Covid.

Period died on Monday, 8th May. Instagram, is her most prominent social media platform with around 400k followers. In 2021, she was also rated as the most notable trans woman in the world.

Death Of Flávia Big Big

Flávia Big Big was a social influencer and comedian hailing from Brazil and died on May 8th, 2023 just at the age of 26 years in an area of Natal, Rio Grento do Norte, Brazil. She was admitted to Onofre Lopes University Hospital for treatment, and the hospital confirmed her death. She went for a surgical procedure and was also suffering from Lymphoma, a type of cancer.

Flávia’s elder sister, Fabiola Gomes posted on an online site about her sister’s death with a single liner that her sufferings and torments ended—their father, who also passed earlier, Flávia joined him.

His supporters and many other famous celebrities on social media paid their respects and empathy toward Flávia.

Flávia: Uncomplaining sufferings for a Long Time

Flávia was ailing for a long time from many diseases. She has been very famous in TikTok and used to post videos of his lifestyle and mischance and difficulty with her family and close friends.

She was suffering from Anaemia, Lung issues, lymphoma disease, and extra issues. She was hospitalized from February 2023 and when her cancer was diagnosed while other diseases were discovered.

Initially, he was admitted to Giselda Trigueiro Hospital for treatment but was later shifted to the

Onofre Lopes University Hospital. She was admitted to the latter hospital for heart surgery which was required urgently at that time.

Flávia was given the best treatment in the hospital but her health was constantly towards downtown. She was also kept on a ventilator sometime after her health worsened but her health did not get better.

Subsisting Health Issues

Flávia was shifted to Onofre Lopes University for Pericardial heart surgery despite having many other health problems. His sister, mother, and other influencers were always there in the hospital with him and were updating the news about Flávia to his followers and the public.

Flávia’s health keeps was slumping with time and she was shifted to a mechanical ventilator the following day only.

Her pain was on the increase with heavy breathing each day. As per the doctor’s promise that she will go on her legs from the hospital after the surgery but this was going in the opposite and unwanted direction. Totally, she stayed for around 10 days on the ventilator.

Flávia’s Death and Last Days

Flávia , after her surgery for heart treatment, was in an inferior, downgrading health condition which was very heartful for her family and friends. She was kept on a ventilator for the next 10 days, which did not become fruitful and compounded his bad health. She was in a persuaded coma for many days after which she took departure from life.

The LGBTQ+ community and others have posted thousands of posts over her death. Her followers on social media and peer influencers shed tears at the loss. Just at the age of 26 years, she had around 250k followers.

She has been Impacting the lives of the trans community of the world and will keep on doing after her demise also.

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