TikTok Prankster Mizzy Arrested: Full Controversy Explained

TikTok Prankster Mizzy Arrested: The prankster who is famous as Mizzy in tik tok is known for creating a video in which he enters a home without any invitation. This video is getting really viral. Although the video is very interesting to watch, the content seems inappropriate and illegal as well. Whatever activity he was found doing in the Content are not worth promoting. You need to read the article very carefully to derive a conclusion and understand how things actually work.

Who is Mizzy – the Famous Tiktok Prankster

Mizzy, whose real name is Bacari oggaro Forcefully entered a man’s car claiming that he booked it on the Uber app. He also did various nasty things like ripping away books in the library and irritating people on the train. It seems that his whole motive was to grab more likes irrespective of the things he does in the video. There is nothing that appears worthwhile at all. The local police discovered the matter and found that he did many inappropriate things in the entire content.

Metropolitan police said that they are trying to dig out the matter more deeply before taking any severe action. In one of the videos one could see that Mizzy entered an affluent home during his shoot. He Confronted the man of the house and without answering his questions, he took a seat on the sofa. One can you hear children shouting in the background. Now, this video is no more available over the tik-tok.

The video that got famous included Mizzy walking around an elderly woman who was sitting in the park with his dogs. He picked up the dog and ran with it while leaving the lady bewildered.


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The courage to shoot such content specifically comes when he gets more attention on the social media handles. The detective chief Superintendent also gave enough response to the video saying that he would look into the matter. The contents are becoming famous over various social media handles and continue to grab attention. Some of them have been removed while others are still present.

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