Where is Justin Bobby Now: What Happened To Justin Bobby?

Remember the brooding, motorcycle-riding heartthrob from “The Hills”? Yes, we’re talking about none other than Justin Bobby Brescia, the man so intriguing that he captivated audiences with his mysterious aura. But what has happened to Justin Bobby since the lights of reality TV dimmed? Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and then leap into where he is now, uncovering the life and times of this enigmatic figure.

Early Days: The Rise of a Reality TV Star

Before the Fame

Long before his days on “The Hills,” Justin Bobby was just another kid with dreams. But what set him apart was his unique style and undeniable charisma. He stepped into the limelight in the mid-2000s, and quickly, his relationship with Audrina Patridge, along with his memorable one-liners, made him a staple of the show.

The Hills Era

Justin Bobby’s run on “The Hills” was nothing short of iconic. His on-again-off-again relationship with Audrina, combined with his laid-back, yet mysteriously captivating demeanor, left viewers enthralled. He was the quintessential bad boy, a role he seemed to embrace fully.

Post-Reality TV Life: What’s Justin Bobby Doing Now?

Music and Passion

After “The Hills” ended, Justin Bobby didn’t disappear. Instead, he channeled his passion into music. He formed a band and toured, showcasing his musical talents. His style? A blend of grungy, soulful rock that resonates with his persona.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

But music isn’t Justin’s only interest. He’s also delved into the world of business. With a keen sense of style, he launched a line of hair care products and a chain of salons. It’s clear that his creative energies are boundless, and he’s not afraid to venture into new territories.

The Evolution of Justin Bobby

A Style Icon

One cannot talk about Justin Bobby without mentioning his distinctive fashion sense. From his iconic combat boots to his casual yet edgy attire, he’s influenced trends and showcased his own brand of cool, effortless style.

Personal Growth

Over the years, Justin has evolved, moving away from his reality TV persona to establish himself as a multifaceted individual. He’s more than a TV star; he’s a musician, entrepreneur, and a style icon. His journey reflects a man who’s continuously reinventing himself.

Where is He Now: The Current Chapter

Life After “The Hills”

Justin Bobby’s life post-“The Hills” is markedly different. He’s less about the drama and more about his passions and business endeavors. While he keeps a relatively low profile compared to his reality TV days, he occasionally appears in the media, always with a new project or venture in tow.

Legacy and Influence

Despite stepping back from the spotlight, Justin Bobby’s influence remains. He’s remembered not just for his role in “The Hills” but for his ability to remain true to himself. His journey is a testament to personal evolution and staying authentic in a world that’s constantly changing.

Conclusion: The Everlasting Enigma of Justin Bobby

Justin Bobby’s story is one of transformation, from reality TV star to musician and entrepreneur. His path, filled with ups and downs, reflects a man who’s always on the move, always evolving. While he may no longer be a regular fixture on our screens, his legacy in pop culture is indelible. And so, the enigmatic journey of Justin Bobby continues, perhaps away from the public eye, but never far from the intrigue he’s always inspired.


1. What is Justin Bobby’s real name?

Justin Bobby’s real name is Justin Robert Brescia.

2. What band did Justin Bobby form after “The Hills”?

Justin Bobby formed the band called “BobbyrocK,” venturing into the world of music with his unique sound.

3. Has Justin Bobby returned to reality TV?

While Justin Bobby has made appearances, including on “The Hills: New Beginnings,” he has largely stepped back from the reality TV world to focus on his other passions.

4. What type of business did Justin Bobby start?

Justin Bobby launched a line of hair care products and a chain of hair salons, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

5. How does Justin Bobby remain influential today?

Even though he’s less present in the media, Justin Bobby continues to influence through his style, music, and the enduring legacy of his unique persona from “The Hills.”

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