How to Delete Lyft Ride History?

With just a few easy steps, you can learn how to delete your Lyft ride history. Sometimes, when you don’t want to disclose your past whereabouts to your near and dear ones, deleting the user history can keep things going peacefully. Lyft Mobile application stores all the details regarding our past riding history, sharing, timings and transactions. The menu has all the vital details available in proper format. It is easy to remove such a data from the app in one go. Let us learn how-

What is Lyft and how things actually work in it?

Lyft is a ride sharing facility that matches your location with the nearby driver to drop you wherever stated. Lyft app Book a ride in a matter of minutes and gives you an added advantage of easy commuting. The properly maintained vehicles with well-trained drivers is going to give you a very pleasant experience on taking a ride through Lyft. You are going to receive details about the pick up point and the driver in the application. You can talk to the driver and make changes to your ride according to your requirement.

Lyft ride begins just like any other online ride booking service. The driver shall arrive on the given location and you need to get inside the cab while providing basic details.

How much does each Lyft ride cost?

It is very Easy to make payments to the drivers using the app. First of all, there is a basic basic charge and then there comes a per minute waiting charge at the pickup point. The price estimate depends on the total distance plus waiting time and bass charges. You can also give tips to the driver depending what your budget is.

Giving ratings to the driver and providing anonymous comments on your riding experience is also possible through the application. For example, there are options from 1-5 star in the scale. You can give ratings, explain your user experience and assure that other riders also come to know how it actually feels on using Lyft.

Step-by-step to delete Lyft right history and details

Lyft application stores all the details regarding the transaction , distance sharing and ratings. If you want everything to remain private and up to you, learn how to delete Lyft history as the first step.

  • Launch your Lyft mobile app under select history option
  • Select the right that you want to delete
  • You will find the selected right getting highlighted on a click
  • Long press and you will find delete option on the screen
  • Choose delete


  • From Where can I view my previous Lyft transactions and receipts?

You can view your Lyft ride receipts in the ride history of the app. Choose the menu option where you are going to get all the vital details.

  • Is it possible to delete my ride history in Lyft?

Select the history tab and you will get all the previous travelling met through the app. Delete the details that you don’t want the application to show and Store.

Hopefully now you know how to delete Lyft history and keep things under control.

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